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27.05.2008, 09:20

Game Rules

§1 - There is no legal claim to a gaming account.

§2 - The directions provided by the game operator and the administrators must be followed.

§3 - Spamming and flooding your personal links in the public discussion forums, chats, guestbooks etc. is not allowed and may lead to account deletion.

§4 - Cheating / Farming is forbidden and leads to the deletion of all the accounts involved!

§5 - The game operator must be immediately informed about all observed bugs. The deliberate and advantageous exploitation of a bug will lead to account deletion.

§6 - The distribution and the use of scripts, bots or similar programs will lead to account deletion. These programs perform actions that mimic, either automatically or manually, the behavior of a human within a gaming account or deliberately read data out of game pages.

§7 - Players who insult other players or members will be punished or deleted.

§8 - If a player logs into the account of another player without consent, the player's own account will be deleted.

§9 - Players who use insulting, pornographic, illegal or radical names / order names / abbreviations (TAGs), will be deleted.

§10 - Players who compose insulting, illegal, pornographic, political or radical messages and profile descriptions will be deleted.

§11 - Provocation and harassment of other members is forbidden and will lead to a warning. Subsequent complaints regarding this behavior will lead to account deletion.

§12 - We explicitly indicate that players who publish links do so at their very own risk. We exclude any liability of offensive behavior from a player who disobeys the rules of play in public forums, chats or guestbooks and the consequences imposed on other players.

§13 - Every player may have one account only per game world. Multi/Farm/Double accounts are forbidden and can lead to the deletion of all accounts involved.

§14 - The player agrees to store his username and password safely and to protect it from access by others. If the player neglects this duty deliberately or negligently, he shall be responsible for all actions arising from the use of his access data by others.

§15 - All payable Premium-Tickets remain the sole property of the operator until full payment is received. All payable Premium-Tickets must be exclusively and directly purchased and paid for in full from the operator in the respective pages of the application. Tickets purchased in any other way, e.g. through a third party, are invalid. Violation by a user of this contractual clause during purchase or payment will result in the loss of all claims on all payable services of the operator and the user will retroactively lose all advantages within the applications in connection with the use of the payable services. Additionally, the operator has the right to penalize the account for use of invalid tickets.

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