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  • "JimW2" started this thread

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Friday, July 30th 2010, 2:28am

Adopt a newbie program

Greetings new players of World 2 !!!

Obviously it is difficult to establish a new account on any of the worlds and to get past certain levels where the difficulty changes. So in the best interest to see this world grow and become the biggest world of Tagoria I am willing to purchase equipment from the Blacksmith for players under level 12 and then sell to you at minimum market rates for non premium equipment, or 1 to 1 for diamond costs if you want premium gear.

You don't have to be in my horde, I don't care what horde you are in, in fact I think it slack of your own horde leaders if they are not already offering you this service.

This will give the under lvl 12's access to equipment above their level to increase those payouts and help you earn XP faster to grow in level. At level 12 you will have companions and partake in DB's so you should be nice and established.

There are external websites that will list the equipment for each level.

PM me ingame. It shouldn't be hard for you to work out who I am.

I wonder if I'll get a ban for this lol



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Friday, July 30th 2010, 9:43am

I think you won't get a ban for this good idea. I'm gonna use this in the dutch world to.

Another idea: recruit people :)
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Saturday, July 31st 2010, 4:40am may even inspire some submissions in that lame Fan Art Contest... i suggest "Saint Jim Magnanimus of W2" (think 'sistine chapel, creation of adam' but with the other hand reaching down to newbies)



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Saturday, July 31st 2010, 3:07pm

well most of them are real quiet kids,i offered my services to a guy and never got a RE
this is a good ideia, but if they dont RE we cant help them :P

most of them maybe dont know how to RE Lol
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Saturday, July 31st 2010, 10:16pm

i thought Jim's suggestion was a good one. It shows that he is trying to do something to keep lower level players interested in our world. If he's offering to sell you stuff for minimum to help your lower level cash-flow crisis as you have alluded to in another thread, you dont kick him in the face.
Yeah your comment is very droll, but still.....




Sunday, August 1st 2010, 12:51am

ive recently done it as well! :thumbup:




Sunday, August 1st 2010, 10:12am

it actually is a very good idea... in fact, under the current conditions, that sort of help is essential to the survival of new players. it's true that many won't respond directly to offers of assistance; that's just human nature to be a little insecure or, maybe, distrusting of unsolicited friendship; but many more would find a lot more joy in the game, and feel genuinely cared for, if they found markets more lucrative, and horde-mates or higher level players in general more generous, because of players like jim supporting the kind of infusions he is suggesting. they may actually enjoy playing and get involved :thumbup:



  • "JimW2" started this thread

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Monday, August 2nd 2010, 2:03am

Yep the offer is to sell to them at min amber and at cost for diamonds if the item needs diamonds to purchase.

I'll leave them to contact me, I don't want to appear the stalker.

In directly I guess I could still benifit in that helping players builds the reputation of my horde and which would lead to more requests to join. But this was not my main intention for doing this. We all know the huge effect level 7's have on battle outcomes these days (not trying to put level 7's down of course, but it is a fact).