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Sunday, April 25th 2010, 5:07am

Hauling Tips

Now that a bunch of people are leaving Holy-War (and in many cases whichever other GAS games they were playing), there's no reason to keep any hauling secrets a secret. And almost everything that works there will also work here.

So, head over to the HW forum and read Low-level Hauling Tips and Hauling after low levels.

The one big problem with this game is that you can't see XP in the highscore list. But you can at least see who went up in rank, which is almost good enough. And, because plunders are 50-90% of your income here instead of 5-20%, you can probably get enough just catching sloppy plunderers to ignore the rest.
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Wednesday, April 28th 2010, 6:14pm

Thought I'd re-post my original post with cow-hunting tips (with a few updates) here, because it seemed a better place to put it.

Okay, I'm going to tell you all some of the only tricks I know.

First of all, when looking at the statistics of a potential opponent look at their average haul. The more negative it is, the better the chance that they are a cow. Try to shoot for an opponent that is -50 or more, if they meet this parameter attack them, odds are good that they will be a cow. This is not a fool-proof way of finding them, but it's pretty good.

Second, if you are really low in level try to find people that have done quests and defeated monsters but have had no fights. These people most of the time will be cows, but you also have to look at their stats and their equipment. If they have really low stats for their level (say 3.0x level or lower) and have little to no gear (weapons included) they will most likely be a cow.-This works most of the time for me.

Third, try to look for someone that has more defeats than victories, and the lower the number of fights the better. If they've got something like 500 defeats and ten victories though it's probably not worth hitting them, they're most likely either someone that was just easy experience for some low levels that were experience hunting or were a big cow, but it was long ago and they've since dried up.

There is a catch to the first one though... If they have a -50 or lower average haul but have a lot of defeats they might no longer be a cow, they could be an old cow that has either dried up and learned to protect their gold or they could be someone that has quit playing.

Another thing is that if they have no victories or defeats and have not completed any quests or defeated any monsters they are probably not a cow and will most likely only give you 5-10 amber if you attack, so it's not worth attacking them. Also, you may as well not bother with hitting level 1's too much, they usually have little to no amber because a lot of those accounts either have not been activated yet, or belong to people that came here to try the game out but quickly decided they didn't like a text-based game and quit because they could "figure out how to move their character."

Now, some of these tips work beyond the low levels as well, but they tend to work the best in the low levels, say level one to level nine.

If you can use these tips effectively at low levels, you'll be able to haul well over your hourly pay (10-20/hr), and if you're good enough you should be able to haul as much per hour as a level 20 or 25 makes at work (160-250/hr), maybe more if you're good enough at it. For the record, I've done this.

Good luck and have fun using your new found knowledge.

Others, please feel free to add to these if you can.
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