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Sunday, July 13th 2014, 2:33pm

I agree with everybody, that's not cool for you ! :thumbdown:

Unfortunately, you are not the first player which has been cheated by this guy (_Thor_ / Revenge / Thor / Thura ... he changed his name so many times ....). He "sold" several times his account and took only the money, not giving his pass or e-mail.

So I hope that noone will be cheated again by him, he is really not fair.

Do not enter his "game" by accepting his offers. I'm really sorry for you, but he wont be annoyed by anyone, like always ;( If I could, I would punish him ingame (diam's to 0, reset his skills, lower them by the half, ...), but I cannot ^^

Good luck for the future, I hope you will have fun again !
Je suis bien dans ma peau. Normal, elle est à ma taille !