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31.03.2010, 10:50

[CLAN] Clan of the Timber Wolves want you!

Are you active?
Do you intend to remain so??

Then join Clan of the Timber Wolves now!

We are currently the most active Horde in world 2 with the highest percentage of active players and we are looking to increase that advantage to help us take the world by storm.

With a fully equipped healing hut and room for 65 warriors in our beer tent we offer a competitive edge when playing TAG world 2. Support from veteran members and a private external site for non-game communications; CLAN are always looking to help out low level players who wish to take advantage of the current activity slump to catch up on the big dogs.

Join us today!

Contact Jim, Tylan, Mythos, Goblin or me (Ziechael) in game now to apply.


05.04.2010, 01:54

You are joking, surely?

Stops and stares in disbelief at audacity of this post. Sure, you are the biggest horde - schlepping around with who knows how many dead players, but you haven't declared a battle in well over 4 weeks. In that time EGYPT, (by the way with 100% active players) has declared 15 battles.

I'm sorry, who is the most active horde? :huh:

Nice to see some chest beating, but c'mon!


06.04.2010, 09:31

while i appreciate being flamed in our own recruitment thread you surely can't be having a dig at trying to inject some life back into this game and world.

Yes we have some inactive members and are keeping out of the battle side of things while the game balances itself out but its only a temporary measure to help those active players develop and find their place in the scheme of things.

Apologies for attempting to recruit, we shall skulk in the shadows and slowly die like a good dog then shall we?

and you talk about my audacity, i wouldn't care if you claimed to be the second coming of Jesus in your recruitment post (or Isis if you prefer) i most certainly would not post a nasty little message there for all to see.

Just plain rude in my opinion.

So, if you want to join a horde with manners, pick us CLAN.