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Monday, September 22nd 2008, 4:40pm

Login page

It's a little annoying not being able to bookmark the English version of the login page..
I have to click on the flag and go back to the login screen in order to play.
I know it sounds simple enough but its repetition over a series of days has gotten on my nerves! :pinch:
If you could design the English version in a separate url, I'd be grateful..
Or leave one login url, but with all the worlds available in the drop box. I don't mind the rest of the page being in Deutsch!


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Monday, September 22nd 2008, 9:13pm

just bookmark a screen in the game, such as diplomacy. it will log you in, and take you to the main character page.


Monday, September 22nd 2008, 10:19pm

Really? Cool!
Thanks for the advice!